Stovetop Chai Journey



Chai is an integral part of India's culture and the ritual of drinking chai transcends all boundaries. Now it's one of the most popular drink worldwide. Chai is always known for bringing people together, just the way it has bonded me with Australia :) 

My name is Nishita Gemini, I am the owner and co-founder of Stovetop Chai. I moved to Australia in 2016 and tried finding a good cup of Chai in Brisbane, which was not too sweet, flavourless, too much cinnamon and watery but unfortunately there was no success! 

When you move to a different country, you’re busy in settling down, confused, tired, eager to explore and you just want to see, taste, visit and do everything you possibly can but on the other side, you start missing family, familiar places, people, was I. 

It was only when I left India that I realized how much I missed chai. There's something so nurturing and connecting about my experience with tea. I realize the importance of these touchstones in my busy life, to ground me and bring me back to what's most meaningful. I always had a dream of being an entrepreneur and that was the point in my life, where I decided to gave up the finance career and Stovetop Chai emerged in June, 2017.

My husband (Ishan) helped me in making this dream real and we had a very humble start, we started from my home kitchen and brewing chai at farmers market in Brisbane. We are so overwhelmed with our customer's love and support, which showed us the direction of introducing our own selection of handcrafted tea blends. Chai bonded us with all our customers, we shared our stories, never-ending morning chats and tea experiences. As of today, chai has connected me with Australia so deeply and helped me in making my new connections and identity. I feel loved and being home :)

We have ethically sourced single origin, premium grades and finest quality teas directly from the tea farms and we blend it in Brisbane. Masala Chai has been a very popular range of our teas, it is a well-balanced blend, which reminds everyone the real taste from the streets of India. We continue to work hard in sourcing and giving you the best quality teas.